We’ve had a great time running our mega giveaway for the past two months! Edubaloo, your trusted education resource provider and the team behind the Exam Preparation app is delighted to announce the winners of our sensational giveaway. Thank you to all the participants who have made this contest a resounding success! We have had the opportunity to discuss with some of our users and learned what they liked about it and what they want to see improved. Thank you once again, and be assured that we listened and we’re working hard to make Edubaloo your all-in-one tool to study for all examinations

We started our giveaway to celebrate our app launch. To celebrate, we decided to reward our users with amazing prizes, and today, we get to announce the names of those who hit the jackpot!

Drumroll, please!

In 1st Place, we have Thomas Sewanami Eniola

The 2nd Place goes to Muoghalu Johnmark K

Securing the 3rd Place, we have Gidado Yunusa

Bravo! Your efforts have been duly recognized. Each winner showed a lot of enthusiasm and we are beyond excited to reward their effort and support. Our team will directly contact the winners and their guardians to deliver their well-deserved prizes.

If your name isn’t among the winners, don’t be disheartened. You may not have scored the prize this time, but you took a step towards success by preparing for your examinations through our app, which is a major win. And not to worry, we still have a number of surprises coming up over the next couple of months. So, stay tuned, and keep using the Edubaloo – Exam Preparation app to blast through your exams easily, and who knows? You could be the next to win big in our forthcoming contests!

Thank you for being so supportive and participating in this thrilling journey. The Edubaloo community continues to grow and inspire us every day, and we can’t wait to share more exciting opportunities with you all soon!

Signing off for now, but remember, the sky is the limit with Edubaloo!

Let’s keep learning and blasting our exams!