One of the biggest concerns of every Nigerian parent who has a child in secondary school is their child passing WAEC and JAMB.

Unfortunately, mathematics, one of the most important subjects to pass, is also the easiest subject to fail. Without mathematics, even if a student passes JAMB and has all As in other WAEC subjects, he or she will not be admitted to any university.

The recent mass failure in JAMB has left many parents worried that the same thing will happen again in WAEC.

So what’s the solution? Is it hopeless to try to help your child pass the coming WAEC Mathematics exam?

Of course not! If you’re reading this, you can rest assured that your child will pass the coming WAEC math exam.

At Edubaloo, our mission is to help students blast examinations such as WAEC and gain admission into their desired university. We have helped students achieve academic success for the past four years, and we plan to do the same this year!

So we did some research on the recent mass failure and were able to identify three main reasons for it.

Reason #1: Poor time management.

Many students struggled to complete their exams, not because they didn’t know the answers, but because they couldn’t manage their time effectively.

Reason #2: Difficult questions.

Many students encountered questions from topics they didn’t fully understand and struggled to answer them.

Reason #3: Exam jitters.

Although usually considered trivial, many students fail their exams because of nerves, especially first-timers. Several students claimed that being nervous affected their ability to think clearly.

Despite studying hard, any of these factors could cause a student to fail. It’s sad to see all those efforts wasted, both the parents and students.

So, how can you help your child overcome these barriers to exam success?

Well, some parents make the mistake of leaving it to school teachers, but it’s difficult for a single teacher to give attention to every student, and the topics that your child struggles with may be those that the teacher cannot assist with.

Even if you get them an extra-lesson teacher, the mathematics curriculum is usually so wide that they rush to complete it, skipping some topics that should have been studied more deeply.

So what is the solution?

It’s quite simple! Get your child a personalized exam preparation app to supplement their existing studies. A personalized exam preparation app would help your child cover those tough Maths topics that weren’t properly covered by their teachers.

It would not only provide past questions for them to practice with but also show them areas where they need improvement. A personalized WAEC exam preparation app would also time students when they’re practising past questions and allow them to ask any question about any subject and get answers immediately!

This would ensure that they are time-conscious during the actual exam and have a deep understanding of every subject.

Currently, there is no better exam preparation app than Edubaloo!

With over 30,000 WAEC past questions and answers accompanied by detailed explanations, students can test their knowledge and have a deep understanding of every subject, making them more prepared and confident for D-day!

To make it even more convenient, students can practice with the app without an internet connection. No need to worry about buying data!

Edubaloo also allows students to take a picture of any difficult question, whether from their textbook, class notes, or anywhere else and gives them instant answers and explanations. No need to spend money on an extra-lesson teacher!

In one sentence, the Edubaloo app turns any phone into a verified WAEC exam preparation centre. It is no wonder that parents and students love it and why it was selected as a winner of the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme.

By now you’re probably asking yourself, how much would it cost me to get this app? Surely it can’t be free!

Don’t worry—you don’t have to pay as high as the WAEC registration fee to get it—you don’t even have to pay up to 50% of it. Currently, the Edubaloo App only costs N3000. That’s right, for the price of one Congo of rice, you can guarantee your child’s success.

Note, though, that this is only for a limited time. So don’t waste time. Do not let all your hard work and that of your child go to waste. This is your chance to help your child pass WAEC in one sitting. Don’t spend money again next year enrolling for another WAEC.

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