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Year in, year out, there have always been arguments regarding whether JAMB repeats past questions. While some are convinced JAMB does, many are convinced JAMB only dishes out unique questions. Both viewpoints are accurate, in actuality. In what way?

Here’s the quick answer: Yes, JAMB does repeat past questions, but often with modifications to make them appear fresh and unique. If you study past questions thoroughly, you can definitely identify certain patterns.

Some Evidence That Proves JAMB Repeats Questions

1. FLEXIBLE” was used in the 1986 and 2012 JAMB exams:

26. Mr. Jack was most flexible in his
instructions (1986)
A. rigid
B correct
C. stiff
D. upright

38. The principal was advised to be flexible on critical issues. (2012)
A. livid
B. cautious
C. evasive
D. rigid

2. The term “EVASIVE answers” appeared in question 31 in 1985 and question 65 of the 1997 JAMB exam. 

31. Many untrustworthy students give evasive answers to questions which they fully understand. (1985)
A. direct
B. outspoken
C. simple
D. truthful
E. clever.

65. The lawyer gave evasive answers to all the questions. (1997)
A. unintelligent
B. ineffective
C. unreliable
D. equivocal

3. The idiom “HEART IN HIS MOUTH” was repeated in both the 1978 and 2006 JAMB.

28. He spoke with his heart in his mouth (1978)
A. courageously
B. with such unusual cowardice
C. with a lot of confusion in his speech
D. without being able to make up his mind
E. with fright and agitation.

36. He has no reason to have his heart in his mouth. (2006).
A. be afraid
B. feel guilty
C. be confident
D. think negatively

4. The word “SUMPTUOUS” was repeated in 2001, 2005 and 2012 JAMB exams.

30. The village girl wore sumptuous clothes (2001)
A faded-looking
B. ideas
C. expensive
D. loose-fitting

69. Some people consider the leather upholstery and thick rugs a bit sumptuous. (2005)
A. simple
B. lavish
C. expensive
D. desirable

55 . Isa and Illu ate sumptuous meals on their
brother’s wedding day. (2012)
A. foreign
B. cheap
C. insipid
D. expensive

Even though the terms were used in several years, you’ll see if you closely examine the questions and options above that they were used in completely different contexts. To distinguish the questions, the answer options were changed and various scenarios and circumstances were offered in each case.

Every year, the questions remain original and fresh due to differences in the terms’ application and the variety of possible answers. But answering these questions should get much easier for you if you have carefully gone over the previous questions and know exactly what the terms mean. Having familiarity with previous exam questions might help you identify trends and foresee future question formats, which will give you an advantage.

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