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Do you need help with the 2023 JAMB/UTME exam? Are you anxious about how to get the scores you need to gain admission into your desired course and institution? It’s understandable to feel this way, as the JAMB/UTME stands between many students and their admission. 

The problem with many students is that they need to realize that the JAMB/UTME has evolved, and their preparation method should match the exam. You will likely need more than just the conventional preparation methods to give you the score you need. However, there’s hope! 

In this article, we’ll show you how to score at least 300 in the upcoming jamb using the best jamb cbt practice software, Edubaloo. You’ll see what high-scoring students have been doing differently in the past years and what has stopped other students from achieving high scores.

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Some of the Challenges Students Face with the Jamb Exam

1. Bulky Syllabus

Covering all the JAMB syllabus topics can be overwhelming for many students. Of course, schools ensure that they cover most of these topics, if not all, in the classroom, but to grasp and retain all the information, a student has to invest more time in studying them privately. A student may understand a topic in class but find it challenging to apply the knowledge during exams due to a lack of practice/revision.

According to Temi, a 2021 UTME taker, “The first time I saw the JAMB syllabus, I became anxious because I didn’t know how to start. I didn’t think I could complete everything in time and understand every aspect of the topics.” Many students preparing for the exam also felt similar. 

Covering the entire syllabus might seem complicated, especially when you have to prepare for multiple subjects, attend classes in school, and engage in extracurricular activities simultaneously. 

How Edubaloo Solves this:   

Edubaloo JAMB/UTME CBT practice software is designed to help students easily cover the entire JAMB syllabus. The software has thousands of practice questions and is preloaded with all past JAMB CBT exams. 

These practice questions cover all topics in the syllabus, which bridges the gap between what you learn in the classroom and the application during exams. In other words, these questions help you practice what you have learned in school in the manner you will see them on the exams.

The app also has a search-by-topic feature to quickly find questions on any particular topic. 

Additionally, you can practice on the go, irrespective of where you are. All the time you’d have wasted waiting till you are in a place where you can bring out books to study can now be used to practice with the Edubaloo JAMB/UTME CBT Practice Software. That automatically adds more study time and increases your chances of completing the syllabus. 

2. Lack of Proper Guidance and Support 

There are often three types of learners in a typical classroom: fast, average, and slow. Usually, fast learners can quickly understand the topics taught in class, but average and slow learners may need extra time and assistance to understand a topic thoroughly. The educational system in Nigeria does not pay attention to this.  

Many students feel neglected because several teachers tend to focus more on the faster learners leaving the students who take more time to understand things at a disadvantage. A student, Ade, said, “Whenever one of our teachers ask if we understand what is being thought, once 2 or 3 people say yes, he moves on and tells the rest of us to read on our own”. 

Many other students also claim they are shy to express their concerns in class due to fear of embarrassment. As a result, many students are unable to understand the topics being taught fully. 

Additionally, many classes have up to 50 students or more to 1 teacher, making it difficult for the teacher to pay attention to each student on a personal level and follow up with students who do not understand what’s being thought. 

How Edubaloo Solves This:  

Edubaloo is your personal study guide. All the attention is on you. The explanations are clear and understandable. Additionally, You can re-read and re-watch any part of the explanation as often as you need to ensure you understand it. Also coming is the “Ask-baloo” feature which allows you to enter any question you might have, and it answers in an easy-to-understand manner. 

3. Many Students are Unfamiliar with the CBT Format:  

The format of the Jamb/UTME has changed over the years, and many students are yet to fully adjust to the new Computer Based Testing (CBT) format. Schools don’t usually provide the opportunity for students to practice with the CBT format, and it is left for them to figure it out on their own. This can be very challenging for some students, especially those unfamiliar with using computers.

Temi mentioned earlier also said, “I had never used the CBT format before, and I was scared of making mistakes. It was my first time writing an exam with a computer, so I had to figure out things independently. It took me some time to get used to it, and I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish the exams on time.  

Many students make the same mistakes during their exams as they don’t have enough practice with the new CBT format. These 7 JAMB/UTME CBT tips will help you take the exam easily and pass with flying colours.

How Edubaloo Solves This: 

Edubaloo JAMB CBT software allows you to get used to answering questions in the CBT format. The  practice software is designed to look exactly like the real JAMB/UTME CBT environment. With good practice, you get used to the format, and all you have to do is answer the questions. This saves you a lot of time during the actual exam. You will not have to worry about figuring out how the CBT works since you would already be familiar with it.

4. Time Management: 

With the JAMB/UTME exam, time is an essential factor. You have limited hours to answer all the questions, so you must be able to manage your time wisely. However, many students are not used to writing exams under pressure so they find managing the time challenging.  

It is essential to practice time management as it will help you make the best use of your exam time and avoid making silly mistakes. 

How Edubaloo Solves This:  

The “practice with time” feature of the Edubaloo JAMB/UTME practice app helps you become accustomed to the pressure of writing exams in a limited amount of time.  As you practice consistently,  you can monitor your progress and adjust the amount of time you spend answering each question to become more efficient at answering questions in the shortest possible time. This feature is designed to help you become an expert in time management to perform your best during the exam.

5. Limited Access to Study Materials 

Preparing for JAMB/UTME involves a lot of reading, practice and revision. Unfortunately, not all students have access to the materials required to prepare for their exams. The cost of buying practice materials can be pretty high, making them inaccessible to some students. Furthermore, many schools do not have a well-equipped library to help students with this issue. 

How Edubaloo Solves This: 

Edubaloo combines all the practice materials you’d have had to buy individually in one. It provides access to suitable materials, such as JAMB past questions and answers, for each subject you are writing in your JAMB/UTME CBT. All you have to do is download the app, and you can start practicing for your exams for free. 

Final Thoughts: Why Edubaloo is the Best JAMB/UTME Practice Software to Score 300+

Scoring high in the JAMB/UTME might seem complicated, but it’s not impossible. To overcome a challenge, you need to understand the root causes and then offer solutions based on those causes. We did this with Edubaloo, which sets it apart from other JAMB/UTME practice software.  We identified the challenges students faced when taking the JAMB/UTME exams and created a practice software that addresses those issues. 

With Edubaloo, you have a platform with features and resources to help you understand each topic clearly, get familiar with the CBT format, practice time management, and access study materials. So what you have on your hands is the perfect tool for you to score over 300 in your upcoming JAMB/UTME exams.  Download the app now and start practising right away!