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Personalized Learning

Use a learning style that helps you learn more quickly and understand better. Say goodbye to complex learning and hello to blasting your exams with ease.

Complete Syllabus Mastery

Access 10,000+ past questions and answers that cover the entire WAEC & UTME syllabus, from Mathematics to Accounting to Literature-in-English.

Study by Topic

Focus on topics where you need the most improvement by studying them separately. You will never strugge with keeping track of all the topics you need to cover.

No internet required!

Continue studying even when you don't have access to the internet. No more interruptions or buffering - Download once and learn whenever and wherever!

Literature texts summaries

No time to read the entire book before your exam? We've got you covered! Edubaloo offers chapter-by-chapter summaries of essential literary texts, making it easier for you to grasp the key themes, plot points, and characters. With our expertly crafted summaries, you can quickly and effectively prepare for literature-based exam questions without the stress of reading entire books. Dive into the world of literature and confidently answer questions on the works you need to know, all while saving valuable time for other subjects.

Keep your momentum going!

Our app's daily quiz feature helps you stay consistent with your exam preparation by providing a daily dose of learning. By answering just a few questions each day, you'll stay on track with your studies, reinforce your knowledge and ensure that you don't forget what you've studied. Studying just got fun! Enjoy the challenge of answering questions and seeing your progress on your streak calendar.

Track Your Progress

Our performance analysis feature provides you with real-time feedback on your progress, allowing you to see your improvement over time. You don't have to second guess yourself, you'll know exactly how prepared you are for your exam. Use our performance insight feature to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and focus on the areas that need the most improvement.

Inside Edubaloo

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